5 Myths about Marketing

Myths used in marketing

There are a lot of myths about each field, aren’t there? Marketing is one of the necessary thing at any field and industry. So it has a bunch of myths and it duplicates by the time passes.

Simply, Marketing is all about Creating and delivering a value to the potential customer through product or services they need.

In this article we will bust 5 myths about marketing.

  1. Marketing and advertising are the same thing

Definitely, No .Marketing and advertising are completely different but integrated. In the act of marketing activities’ are included the promoting process.

Marketing is the process of create, communicate and deliver the value to the potential customer. It comprises public relations, events, social media, direct mail, email and advertising.

However, Advertising is mainly about one process of the marketing. Advertising is the stage of communicating with your potentials customers speaking to them differently depending on what part of the buyer cycle they are in. Your advertising strategy will help you explain, teach and promote your offerings to the right audience through a variety of means throughout these phases.

Bringing up rear, advertising is an aspect of marketing.

  1. Everyone is your customer

Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t” -Seth Godin-

If you take everyone is your customer, you will loss. Segmentation and targeting are making you more specific in resources, money and time.

As market segmentation means dividing a large market of potential customers into clearly identifiable segments. Segmentation are 4 types:

  • Geographic – based on land, rural or metropolitan area.
  • Demographic – based on age, gender, income, occupation, education, nationality.
  • Psychographic – based on social status, lifestyle-type, and personality type.
  • Behavioral – based on intensity of product use, brand loyalty, user behaviors, price sensitivity, and technology adoption.

Segmentations facilitate the process of understanding the customer needs and wants to the companies.

  1. Writing quality content is enough

Marketing is a complete cycle and shortening it to just a content is completely wrong. It seems like a building with 4 levels if you poorly build one of them it would be collapsed.

This Cycle includes:

  • Researching the customer needs and what are their preferences to put an accurate strategy meets the business objectives.
  • Use the collective data to create the content in order to deliver the message you need to communicate your customer with in the suitable way.
  • The artwork and designs to show the meanings of the content.
  • Follow up the results of your plan to make the enhancements.

So, at the end you discover that it is a complete cycle not just a good content.

  1. You don’t need a marketing plan

Marketing plans are not only for large companies. This myth specifically will be busted through an inverse way. Every company whatever its’ size. Let us imagine what will happen if you don’t have a marketing plan. What are the potential Consequences?

  • Budget Problems

If you don’t have a plan you may find yourself with number of ads and you will overpay for a weak advertising.

  • Poor Traffic

That your brand doesn’t attract the minimum number of customers

  • Wrong Feedback

You will not be able to track and assess which one of your methodologies is the best.

  1. Good advertising can make people buy anything

Advertising is not the whole thing as you may make the best campaigns to go viral but in real market you don’t make sales as you imagine. It’s like an equation you have an advantage value and communicate it with the best advertising way taking into considerations the other marketing’s factors you will success.

To sum up, everything you hear about and feel like “it’s common and viral” you should read, search and know deeply about it .Don‘t take something as a belief before you think about it.

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