8 Different Types Of Ads On Snapchat!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms among youth; it has 218 billion active users per day!

Maybe it doesn’t have the highest user numbers, such as Facebook and Instagram. Still, you can use it in your social media marketing Ads to target new segments, especially the younger segments, because most Snapchat users are less than 34 years old.

Snapchat has different types of ads, and they vary with your business objectives, but unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t fit all brands.

This article will discuss more the different types of ads on Snapchat and their marketing purpose!

Types of Snapchat ads

Top snap ads

These ads are the standard snap ads on Snapchat; you can display one piece of content like videos, images, or GIFs to your audience; you can use these ads to raise your brand awareness or to promote events or sales.

Web Ads

It’s the same as Top snap ads, but you can add Call To Action button. These ads help you increase your website traffic; when users swipe up on the ad, it will take them directly to your website without leaving Snapchat.

App install ads

If you want to increase your app downloads, this ad is the most suitable for your purpose!

With the (swipe up) feature, users can download your app without leaving Snapchat by taking them directly to the landing page in-app store.

Deep-link Ads

These ads are made to help get users back to your app once they’ve left by using engaging content like videos and images, etc.

Long-form video ads

These ads are concerned with long content like trailers or short films; the audience will see 10 seconds video, and to complete it, they can swipe up.


You can add funny and exciting filter ads that appear to your audience.


This type of Snapchat ad is unique because it’s more specific; you can target users in a particular area and time by using these ads to promote your local event.

AR Lenses

Augmented Reality lenses are the most used feature on Snapchat; you can use them in marketing to your brand by designing lenses to reflect on your brand.

You can use many different ads in your brand marketing; Snapchat provides you with new audience segments. Probably you won’t find them on Facebook or Instagram.

We can’t compare Facebook and Instagram advertising revenue with Snapchat, but it’s a refreshing experience to have a presence in such an engaging social media platform; after all, there are always new updates on social media, who knows!

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