Hashtags On LinkedIn! Are They Valuable To Your Business?

what is the meaning of hashtag

When we hear about hashtags, we immediately think about Twitter, Instagram, and recently Facebook, but can we use hashtags on LinkedIn?

And even if we add hashtags on LinkedIn, is that useful for business?

In this article, we will answer these two questions!

Hashtags are specific keywords or phrases with a # sign related to your post content on social media.

In 2018 LinkedIn has added Hashtags for users, and it works as hashtags on Twitter, etc. So yes, we can add hashtags on LinkedIn like any other platform.

what is the purpose of a hashtag?

Hashtags on LinkedIn are a way to categorize your posts and differentiate them from the rest of the content uploaded to the platform every day.

Adding hashtags make your content reach more audience and also make searching for specific content easier.

how can we use it to improve our business situation?

Hashtags promote audience engagement and professional connections.

They make your status more interesting, raising your brand awareness to audiences interested in your business.

How can you create effective Hashtags?

You can create perfect hashtags by these simple steps:

Brainstorming: hashtags must represent your brand and industry, it needs to be short and sweet.

Research: check your hashtags on LinkedIn search. Maybe they are already in use.

Promote: after Searching and creating, now it’s time to promote your hashtags on social media platforms.

Monitor: be sure about how people use your hashtags and how they interact with them.

How can we use them effectively?

There are some simple but essential rules you should use to make your LinkedIn hashtags more effective such as:

  1. The hashtag should be related to your business and your post topic; avoid using general hashtags, make them more specific!
  2. Don’t consume a lot of hashtags, and we recommend using 3-5 hashtags per post.
  3. Avoid using spaces, emojis, and punctuation to make your hashtags more simple and easy.
  4. To keep your name visible to your connections, we recommend posting 2-5 times per week and not more than three times per day.
  5. According to recent studies, posts between 1900 and 2000 words length are more likely to read and gain the most significant number of views, likes, etc.
  6. The best days to post on LinkedIn are
    • Wednesday from 8-10 am.
    • Thursday at 9 am and 1-2 pm.
    • Friday at 9 am.

By taking care of these tips, you will be able to get more engagement in your business profile and build your brand trust and credibility.

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