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Hashtags On LinkedIn! Are They Valuable To Your Business?

Hashtags On LinkedIn

When we hear about hashtags, we immediately think about Twitter, Instagram, and recently Facebook, but can we use hashtags on LinkedIn? And even if we add hashtags on LinkedIn, is that useful for business?

In this article, S&M Solutions will answer these two critical questions!

What Is The Meaning of Hashtag?

Hashtags are specific keywords or phrases with a # sign related to your post content on social media

Hashtags can be used to search for posts having a certain theme. Using them allows individuals to locate items and tweets that are of interest to them. And, if you want your own postings to be noticed, including a hashtag or two can assist you in locating your target audience.

In 2018, hashtags were finally available for LinkedIn users, and it works as hashtags on Twitter, etc. So yes, we can add hashtags on LinkedIn articles and posts like any other platform. You can write specific hashtags in the search bar and get everything related to this topic.

what is the purpose of a hashtag?

Hashtags, specifically on LinkedIn, are a way to categorize your posts and differentiate them from the rest of the content uploaded to the platform every day. Adding hashtags makes your content reach more audiences and also makes searching for specific content easier.

Trending hashtags are also very helpful in market research. Popular hashtags allow marketers to know what people are talking about and searching about. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available yet but we hope it’s included in the upcoming LinkedIn updates.

How Can We Use Hashtags To Improve Our Business Situation?

Hashtags promote audience engagement and professional connections. They make your status more interesting, raising your brand awareness to audiences interested in your business. But how can you use them to improve your business situation?

Use Relevant Ones

Because the goal of hashtags is to increase user engagement on your account, be sure the hashtags you choose are relevant to your target demographic. Look for comparable businesses and see what hashtags they use, or look for your consumers’ hobbies. 

To guarantee that the interaction you receive is the engagement you desire, choose keywords related to your sort of business.

Hashtags On LinkedIn! Are They Valuable To Your Business?

Make Good Research

Make sure to do your homework before using a hot hashtag by making good research first. You don’t want to offend your followers or attract the incorrect audience.

Follow Topics of Interest

Maybe this one is not intended for the actual usage of hashtags. However, it can help your business on so many levels. LinkedIn allows you to follow topics using hashtags. The topics you follow appear in the homepage click.

For example, if you work in education, following hashtags such as #selfimprovement or #onlinecourses makes these topics appear in your feed. Therefore, you feel updated on the industry.

To do that: 

  1. Find relevant hashtags from the search bar
  2. Enter the hashtag you’d like to follow in the Search bar at the top of the page. 
  3. Click on a hashtag will take you to the hashtag’s feed where you can see all content related to the hashtag topic. Articles, links, posts, pictures, and videos included.
  4. Click on the Follow button to follow the topic.
  5. Find the topics with their hashtags on your homepage feed.

How can you create effective Hashtags?

It is simple to create a business hashtag. A hashtag can be formed up of any word, phrase, or acronym, as long as there are no spaces between the words and it is prefixed by the pound sign (#). You can create perfect hashtags by these simple steps:


Hashtags must represent your brand and industry. Make sure the hashtag is appropriate to your company in terms of product, service, location, or time frame. It needs to be short and sweet for your audience to remember.


Check your hashtags on LinkedIn search. Maybe they are already in use. Having a unique hashtag specific to your company is what marketers call branded hashtag. This type helps to establish a brand identity and recognition.


After searching and creating, now it’s time to promote your hashtags on social media platforms. Use it in your posts and articles. Encourage people to use it in competitions and engagement contests. 


You need to constantly monitor how people are using your hashtags and how they interact with them. This ensures your hashtags work fine and how you intended them to be.

Tips And Tricks For Using Hashtags Effectively

There are some simple but essential tips you should use to make your LinkedIn hashtags more effective such as:


  1. The hashtag should be related to your business and your post topic; avoid using general hashtags, make them more specific!
  2. Make use of both specific and general hashtags. It helps you reach more audience
  3. Don’t consume a lot of hashtags, and we recommend using 3-5 hashtags per post.
  4. Avoid using spaces, emojis, and punctuation to make your hashtags more simple and easy.
  5. To keep your name visible to your connections, we recommend posting 2-5 times per week and not more than three times per day.
  6. According to recent studies, posts between 1900 and 2000 words length are more likely to read and gain the most significant number of views, likes, etc.
  7. The best days to post on LinkedIn are:
  • Wednesday from 8-10 am. 
  • Thursday at 9 am and 1-2 pm. 
  • Friday at 9 am.

By taking care of these tips, you will be able to get more engagement in your business profile and build your brand trust and credibility.

If you have any social media marketing problems, Contact us Now! And know more about our Social media marketing services at S&M Solutions.

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