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How to Promote a New Brand on Social Media?

People are on social media, and if you want to reach them then you should focus on your social media promotion strategy. But learning how to promote a new brand on social media is often tricky, and you often find yourself struggling to do what it really matters. In this article, I’ll attempt to answer this question in the simplest way possible. 

Did you know that around 26% of social media users buy their products over social media? That’s true, research discovered that some people use social media to find the products they are looking to buy it.

How to promote a new brand on social media? To promote a new brand on social media you need to start making your social media strategy, define your goals, and customer persona, conduct competitive analysis, then decide which social media channel to use and engage with your customers. More importantly, you have to measure your performance regularly.

Promoting a new brand on social media is essential, so let’s learn how to promote a brand on social media.


What is Branding?

brand on social media to show how to promote a new brand on social media

Your business brand represents its identity and how your targeted customers see it. The basic elements of a brand are logo, tone of voice, mission statement, and visual design. All of the elements should represent what you offer, whether products or services.

Other elements can affect your brand like the quality of the service or product, and how your treat and interact with your customers. 

There is a lot to branding, what it is, and what you need to do to get the best results from it. It’s a whole science on its own. If you feel you are ready to start your branding journey right away, get in touch with our branding experts here. 

Now, let’s get to our main question;  

How to promote a new brand on social media?

Are you searching for the best places to advertise your business? The best place to reach many of your targeted customers is social media, nowadays, everyone uses it to find new products, to communicate with their friends and family, write or find reviews about a specific product, or just to spend their free time.

Now the important question is how to take advantage of that and what are the best ways to get your business name out there. And the answer is through building and having your own social media strategy.

 Here’s how to market your service business or products on social media.


1. Create a social media marketing strategy.

One of the best places to advertise your small business is social media and the first step is to come up with a social media marketing strategy, what is your plan to go viral?

You might think that creating a strategy is too complicated but it’s not actually. There are different ways to advertise a product, but in all of them a plan should include the following key points:

Your measurable goals and objectives (what do you want to accomplish?).

Customer persona (who your targeted audience is? What are their likes and dislikes? Where to find them?).

A competitive analysis (to find your competitors’ weak and strong points, why people love them, and how you can use their weak points to overcome them and learn from them and their mistakes.)

Content strategy (what type of content do you plan on sharing with your customers, its format, will it be posts, videos, and so on, basically you will come up with answers from your customer persona. When you know where to find them, their likes and dislikes, and the problems they are facing and solutions they need, only then you will be able to create your content strategy)

An editorial calendar that includes and marks when to publish, the type of content and who is responsible for creating it, posting frequency, and more.


2. Using a social media management tool.

If you’re wondering how to run ads for businesses the answer is through the help of social media advertising tools. Social media offers many tools to use. When you create your social media marketing plan you should keep in mind the many management tools that social media offers, as it will save you time and money.

Some tools offer some important features like scheduling, planning content, tracking and measuring the results, finding out what people say about your brand and products/services, and replying to your customers across the different social media platforms from one place instead of going in circles and forgetting an important thing which will save you time to focus on what really matters.


3. Identifying and choosing the best social media platforms for your brand.

We know that brand marketing and promotions are best done through social media, but which platform? All platforms at once? Off course not, the key to finding good places to advertise your business is to really know your targeted customers and the platforms they use.

You may think that promoting your new brand across all social media platforms is best for you but that’s not true, you will end up wasting time and money. It’s better t focus on the social media platforms that your customers use to get the best results.

Now you might be thinking, what are the best social media platforms to promote your new brand and the cheapest way to advertise your business, but there is no specific answer. You’re the only one who can answer that question, no one can answer it for you, that’s why knowing your customer persona and identifying it is essential for your business promotion.


4. Engage with your customers.

If you’re wondering how to get someone to promote your product the answer is by being there for your customers. When you engage with them and answer all their questions, provide them with valuable information then they will trust your brand and suggest it to their friends and family.

On the other hand, if you focus on posting regularly but not responding to customers’ comments and questions then don’t expect them to buy from you. people are looking for someone to engage with them and answer their questions and if you want to be successful then you should be there for them.



5. Measure the results.

To track your performance, you should measure your progress, otherwise, how will you know if your plan is working or not? Track and measure your progress using data and analytics. Only then you will get a better sense of what your customers like and engage with, and then make some changes to your strategy to enhance it based on the results.

Make at least a monthly check to measure engagement rates, the number of shares likes, and comments, the number of followers, campaign performance, sales, brand equity development, and so on.


Goals change over time and that’s normal, there’s nothing to worry about, just be sure to monitor and measure your performance to make decisions based on numbers. Now you know how to advertise nationally and locally for your new brand.




Why promote your business on social media?

By now you know how to advertise a service business or product. But you might be having some doubts and wondering if promoting a new brand on social media is effective. Do you know that there are over 4.62 billion social media users currently? Most people use social media nowadays and if you want to reach them go where they are the most.

Social media have many benefits when it comes to brand promotion, and here are some of them:


1. Attract new customers

If you want to attract new customers and build brand awareness this is best done through social media channels. A lot of people use social media to search for products to buy. And all you have to do is to appear In front of them. Provide them with high-quality content that serves their needs, and don’t forget to engage with them.



2. Build brand loyalty

When promoting a new brand on social media you want to build brand awareness and loyalty. What customers want is a brand whose content is aligned with its values. Don’t promise something and do the opposite.

No one wants to read about your sales. They want to know what your values are and what do you stand for. And the best way to do so is through promoting your brand on social media. So that you get the opportunity to communicate and engage with your customers.


3. Drive leads and sales

Many companies promote their brands through social media. Social media helps you promote your business goals, increase your sales and increase your ROI. We already said that most people use social media platforms to shop online and buy the products they like. That’s a chance you shouldn’t waste.


That’s it for an intro to branding. If you are ready to start your branding journey, get in touch with our branding team or check out our branding portfolio here. If you found the article helpful, please share it.

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