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Importance of market study in marketing?

Importance of market study in marketing

The main goal of a market study in marketing is to gather data about your targeted audience and the target demographics. These data will help you succeed in marketing your business.

Market research is a main part of the marketing strategy, whether your business is small, big, new, or old. With its help, you will have all the answers you need to make your decisions.

Market study let you know more about your customer, identify and keep up with the trends, or achieve your goals.


Why is it important to study markets?

There are many reasons why the market study is important, and here are some of them:

Maintain a Customer-Centric Approach.

The main goal of conducting the market study is to learn more about your audience and have a solid consumer base. To have a successful business you should focus on the customer experience. Focusing on your customers and maintaining a Customer-Centric business will increase your profits.

Market research helps you understand what your customers want and need and the important information you need to know about them. Understanding your customers is the goal to build a customer-centric business. And that’s what market study helps you to do.

Connect With Your Audience.

To connect with your customers and provide them with their needs you must first understand them. Only then you will communicate with them successfully. If you know your customers you will know what channels they use and how to reach them with content that interests them.

Therefore, the first step is to find out the social media channels they use to reach them. Then tailor your content based on what they need and like.

Identifies the products or services your audience needs.

Conducting a market study helps you learn more about what troubles your customers and what they need. Which will inspire you to come up with a new product or service that solves their problem. Instead of making a new product that no one needs, you will have all the information you need, and many ideas on how you can corporate all the features and elements needed into your new product or service.

Ensure that your new product is needed.

Before creating a new product, you must first study the market and see if it’s needed or not. Instead of creating it and losing money. The key questions to ask yourself are, do my customers need this product? What problems will it solve? What is its potential to succeed? Answering these questions will give you a clear idea about your product.

Understanding your market and future trends.

If you know your market well you will be able to use any future trends to develop your marketing strategy. Keeping up with the trends help businesses succeed. And it will help you eliminate any drops that might happen in the future.   

Get ahead of your competitors

One of the main things done in a market study is competitor analysis. Knowing your competitors, their strengths and weak points, and their strategies can significantly help you get ahead of them. Learn their weak points and use them against them to make your business flourish. Show your audience what makes your products or services better than your competitors.

Develop your marketing strategy.

After gathering all the information, you need about your customers and competitors you will be able to come up with a strong strategy to market your business. For example, if you know what channels your targeted audience uses you will reach them easily without wasting your time and money testing other channels. That’s why market study is important for the success of any business.

Reduces risk and increases profitability.

Acquiring all the data you need about your targeted audience; the market and your competitors help you make studied decisions. Which in turn will reduce the risks, and show you the risks you need to take based on information and prediction of what will happen in the future. Market studies help you understand your market and make decisions and marketing strategies based on firm information.

Identifies potential customers.

Market studies help you understand your targeted audience. For example, knowing their interests, what channels they use, their age, how they live their life, their income, and so on. Knowing such information will guide you to the best way to reach them and how to market your products based on their interests. And you will avoid marketing to the wrong customers and wasting time and money.

Identify threats and opportunities.

The market study helps you perform what is called a SWOT analysis which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying those four will help you understand the weak and strong points of your business. You will also learn of the new opportunities in front of you and the threats you must avoid or overcome to make your business succeed.  


Understand your customers.

Understanding your customers is the key to providing them with the products or services they need. Based on their needs you can provide them with a solution that could be a new product. Also understanding your current customers will help you reach more customers in the future. Knowing if your customers are satisfied with your product is vital. For instance, if your product has any problem you should listen to your customers’ feedback and enhance it. This will make your customers trust you more and maybe suggest your products to their friends and family.


How to do market research?

Here are the steps to follow to do market research.

  •       Define your goals and objectives.
  •       Identify your market and gather data about your targeted audience.
  •       Choose the best market research type that suits your goals and objectives.
  •       Create your research questions.
  •       Make questions that validate other parts of the questionnaire.
  •       Make an open question to give your respondents the freedom to express their opinions on anything that should have been covered in the questionnaire.
  •       After gathering the data make the analysis to decode the findings.
  •       Study the findings to validate them.


Why do we need market analysis?

Market analysis helps you understand the market, know the opportunities and threats, your targeted customers’ requirements and needs, how to reach them, and the platforms and channels they use. Market analysis helps you improve customer satisfaction and enhance the marketing strategy.

Here’s why you need to make a market analysis:

  •       Understand your targeted audience and gather all the data you need about them.
  •       Know the market, competitors, threats, and opportunities.
  •       Decide the platform and channel bets to use to reach your audience.
  •       Deciding the best content to offer to reach your customers.


What are market factors in marketing?

There are many factors that affect the marketing strategy and some of them are:

Product supply and demand.

Let’s say there’s a shortage of a specific product and you need to buy it, what will you do? You will search for a similar product and buy it in return. And that is what makes supply has a huge impact on consumers. Let’s take it from another angle if there’s a high demand for the product and there’s a shortage this will lead to increasing the price of the product. Some people are willing to buy the product even if its price increases while others aren’t. Therefore, you should balance supply and demand. And that’s why it’s an important factor when it comes to marketing.   

Consumer age.

Age matters highly when it comes to marketing. Why? Let’s say you sell toys, and the community you sell your products at doesn’t have many children, then who will buy your products? That’s why you should make a market study before continuing with the business.

 Consumer income.

The income of your targeted audience highly affects your sales. If you offer expensive products and your targeted audience doesn’t have enough money to buy them then they won’t.


Competing products and services is one of the main factors that affect marketing. Let’s say your products have low Competition, this will lead to an increase in sales. While having many competing brands may lower your sales.


What are the elements of a market study?

Some of the elements of the market study include the following:

Size of the market:

The first thing to do is to identify the size of the market based on the data collected from customer surveys and the information from major businesses and government data.

 Understanding your market and future trends.

If you know your market well you will be able to use any future trends to develop your marketing strategy. Keeping up with the trends help businesses succeed. And it will help you eliminate any drops that might happen in the future.  

Market demand.

Finding out the demand for the product you want to make is essential before hopping into the market. Some products are essential to buy while others aren’t. therefore, you should know the type of your product and if there’s a high demand for it or not.

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