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Instagram Or Facebook Ads?

Have you ever asked yourself questions about which social media platform is more suitable for your ad marketing strategy?

Shall you use Facebook or Instagram ads? 

Lately, Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies to reach the target audience, since most people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Facebook has a larger number of users. It has 2,8 billion monthly active users. The 2021 statistics show that 25-to-34 year-olds are the most active users on Facebook. It is better for direct response advertising.

While Instagram has 75 million daily users, it is more common among younger users and maybe a better target for brands who want younger age groups, with 47% of the users accessing the app on mobile.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Social Media Ads

There’s no denying that the business and retail worlds are fast-changing, and it’s up to each company to remain on top of current marketing trends or risk falling behind. Brands will need to discover new ways to promote and sell, as well as to adapt to the present environment. 

Traditional means of marketing are no longer as effective as they once were, and those that rely on digital marketing may be overlooking important techniques that may boost performance and outcomes even more.

Let’s fill you in with three main reasons why every business should be using social media ad campaigns in some manner, as well as how you may benefit from these methods without the need for trial and error.

  • Reach the right audience

Like we said before, Instagram has more than 75 million active users per day. Many individuals question how to contact more potential clients while ignoring the fact that a large part of the public is active on social media. Their data is available for use by both company owners and advertisers. 

One of the primary reasons that social media marketing is so powerful is that companies can hyper-target ideal consumers based on certain demographics. Showing advertising to the correct people is an important aspect of the marketing process that must be handled carefully to prevent wasting ad dollars.

  • Create Audiences

Aside from being able to directly target certain groups with your marketing, you can also retain this data and utilize it in future campaigns. 

Building a social audience as well as a landing page audience is essential for achieving consistent and long-term success from your marketing efforts by using previous data.

  • Keep track of your ROI

Another significant benefit of social media advertising for businesses is the opportunity to immediately measure the return on investment from your marketing initiatives. 

For example, on Facebook, this information is incorporated directly into the Facebook ads manager platform, allowing you to quickly monitor the success of your budget and evaluate return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per website purchase, cost per click, and much more. 

This is significant for marketers since it allows you to immediately track how your ad spend is doing, allowing you to eliminate bad campaigns and grow good ones to get an even better engagement rate.

Which one is better for your business :Instagram or Facebook?

They’re both popular social media platforms that your marketing plan should depend on, but you may wonder about the difference between Facebook and Instagram ads?

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, they both have very similar capabilities when it comes to advertising. When advertising for your business, you have the chance to take advantage of using their ads because they are connected.

You need to consider a few things in order to make the right choice:

  • Your industry

Food, fashion, and trendy consumer goods are among the industries that thrive on Instagram for a reason. If you already have accounts on both platforms, look at your total social media statistics to determine which is garnering the most organic sort of interaction that you want. 

Increasing Facebook clicks? Take this into consideration and develop an ad that is similar to that sort of material.

  • Your goals

Brand awareness goals combined with eye-catching content would perform well on Instagram. On Facebook, however, an aim such as website hits combined with a good news or review piece would be preferable.

  • Your audience preferences

Facebook’s demographics encompass the most ground of any network, and there have been no significant changes year over year. Many companies are likely to discover at least part of their target demographics on Facebook.

Instagram, on the other hand, has a younger population that hasn’t changed significantly over the previous few years.

Once you’ve verified that your ad’s target demographics exist, you may put your ad into action.

  • Your type of ad content

Instagram and Facebook differ significantly in terms of content and interactions with it. You may promote on Facebook using a variety of different sorts of ads:

  • Carousel: two additional photos or videos that may be scrolled through.
  • single media: Picture, video, or image slideshow. 
  • Existing posts: contains any links you may have shared.

You have the same options for Instagram ad types as before, but you won’t be able to make any in-caption links clickable. Instead, use the call-to-action buttons to insert a link.

  • Ad management

The campaign manager on Facebook provides a plethora of options for objectives, ad settings, and advertising. You have a plethora of combinations to try out, as well as several ways to examine all of the accessible advertising.

On Instagram, the advertising manager used the “simple is best” approach. With a few clicks, you may have your ad linked to an existing article or story. Instagram is the best ad management tool for you if you don’t need the nitty-gritty statistics and simply want the broad picture with an intuitive interface.

Features of Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Here are the three features you can use on Facebook and Instagram in advertising: targeting, carousel ads, and algorithms. You should focus on the three fundamental ways to create compelling, creative, and catchy ads such as:

Story Ads

Story ads are relatively new, but you have the ability of running ads on Instagram ‘stories’ on both Instagram and Facebook. By analyzing your page insights and ad performance, you can create a suitable call to action for your audience.


As Facebook and Instagram are both user-friendly with good user experience, they each have a unique look. Instagram content is original, mainly images and videos; it’s about lifestyle images for influencers and brands.

Facebook features a broad set of interactions such as:

  • Ability to share posts, photos, and videos.
  • React to content with more than just “like.”
  • Live video streaming pages.
  • Personal groups and events.
  • GIFS and stickers.
  • We see a lot more flexibility with Facebook.


Both Facebook and Instagram get many daily user interactions, But Instagram gets 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. Followers determine the engagement on Instagram. The more followers you have, the more engagement you are more likely to get.

And there is no way to filter content posts on Instagram like Facebook, which means we as users see more of these Instagram posts. There is a higher organic reach on Instagram than on Facebook. On Facebook, you need to pay to reach a new audience.

We have explored the similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your business and the product you are planning on advertising, be sure to choose the most suitable platform for your audience persona and achieve your business goals.

If you are still confused about your ads strategy! Contact Us now and ask for our social media services at S&M Solutions.

If you still confuse about your ads strategy! Contact Us now


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