Instagram Or Facebook Ads?

Did you ask yourself that questions what social media platform is more suitable for your ad marketing strategy?

Shall you use Facebook or Instagram ads?

Lately, Social media marketing became one of the most powerful marketing strategies, and most people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Facebook has more users; it has 2,8 billion monthly active users; 2021 statics show that 25-34 years olds are the most active users on Facebook. It is better for direct response advertising.

While Instagram has 75 million daily users, it is more common among younger users and may be a better target for brands who want a younger audience, with 47% of the users accessing the app on mobile.

Which one is better for your business Instagram or Facebook?

They’re both popular social media platforms that your marketing strategy depends on, but may you wonder about the difference between Facebook and Instagram ads?

Since Facebook brought Instagram in 2012, they both have very similar capabilities when it comes to advertising. When advertising for your business, you have the chance to take advantage of using their ads because they are connected.

Here are the three features you can use on Facebook and Instagram in advertising: targeting, carousel ads, and algorithms.

You should focus on the three fundamental ways to create compelling, creative, and catchy ads such as:

  1. Story Ads

    • Story ads are relatively new, but you can create ads that run in ‘stories’ on Instagram and Facebook. By analyzing your page insights, you can create a suitable call to action for your audience.
  1. Creativity

    • As Facebook and Instagram are both user-friendly with good user experience, they each have a unique look.

Instagram content is original, mainly photos and videos; it’s about lifestyle images for influencers and brands.

Facebook features a broad set of interactions such as

      • Ability to share posts/photos.
      • React to content with more than just “like.”
      • Live video streaming pages.
      • Personal groups and events.
      • GIFS and stickers.

 We see a lot more flexibility with Facebook.


Both Facebook and Instagram get many daily user interactions, But Instagram gets 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. Followers determine the engagement on Instagram; the more followers you have, the more engagement you are more likely to get.

And there is no way to filter content posts on Instagram like Facebook, which means we as users see more of these Instagram posts. There is a higher organic reach on Instagram than on Facebook. On Facebook, you need to pay to reach a new audience.

We have explored the similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your business and the product you are planning on advertising, be sure to choose the most suitable platform for your audience persona and achieve your business goals.

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