Seven Social Media Trends In 2021!

2020 was such a shocking year with the pandemic and people locked in their homes. The number of people using social media heavily increased, and employees work from home and attend their meetings via zoom.

Now in 2021, people had adapted to world consequences, but businesses found a way to survive through social media and increase their ROI.

To take advantage of social media, you should focus on the new updates of social media channels.

In this article, we will discuss some of 2021 trends and updates on social media.

E-commerce expand on social media

In 2020, the number of online shopping increased due to the Coronavirus and social distance, which turn businesses into social media. Some platforms like Instagram add new features to enhance their users’ online shopping, like shoppable posts.

Instagram checkout, which makes users discover and buy the products without leaving the app.

Social commerce has become a new retail avenue for brands, and this trend is going to get stronger.

  • Stories become a content format

Stories on Instagram or Facebook have become an important content format that should be used in your business; a study has found that stories have a 5.65% higher tap-forward rate than videos.

  • Facebook live

Facebook Live has been used highly through 2020 by influencers and brands, increasing customer engagement and making brands more connected with their customers.

In 2021, Facebook live is still in use.

  • User Generated content

UGC is content which fans and customers create for the brand, and it has become more critical for the business to market for their brands using other content.

New trend app

  • Clubhouse

The clubhouse became one of the most trendy apps on social media, it’s audio chat despite the traditional typing one, and for now, it’s available for Apple users only. It has different chat rooms, but you must have an invite to join the clubhouse.

  • Audio rooms

LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms try to add audio chat rooms after clubhouse becomes a trend on social media.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a unique feature in Snapchat. Brands create AR filters to promote their products.

Now other platforms start to use it in 2021, such as Facebook, which uses it in ads.

There are new social media trends or new app features every day, so knowing them will help you promote your products effectively.

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