Tips for making your home more productive environment

One year ago, working from home was a dream for many of people. Comfort, saving time were the imagination of how working from home will going to be.

But Real life shows us that not everything we believe in is right!

Due to corona pandemic many of us were forced to work from home. But we found that it is not an easy matter.

Concentration at the mood and Communication with your colleagues are the new challenges.

Here are some tips for making your home more productive environment that helps you eliminating the distraction.

Tip 1: Get prepared and dressed

One of the advantages of working from home that you save early morning preparation time However, Getting dressed is the smoothing phase that get you in the mood. So take a shower, dress something different than your sleepwear, have your morning beverage coffee or tea then start your work.

Tip 2: Specify a place to be your office

Work mood is an important factor of getting focus .Transfer the professionalism to your home by determine a permanent place as your office. Get away from your bedroom or your living room. As the Vibes of these rooms will turn your mood off. Choose a room that has a good lighting and a fresh air.

Tip 3: Make yourself a Leave in and out timings

Working from home may be a trap, once you focus on a task or project you will forget about time and find the time slip out.

You will feel stressed that you don’t have free time and ending up with no energy to do anything rather than work.

Boundaries are always the solution. Make yourself timings to start and end your work like you’re at the office.

Tip 4: Put your rules, don’t mix the two circles (Home and Work)

Never do home staff during your working time. This act is the widest gate to get destruction. Try to schedule your activities, put it in a list and divide it into two lists work and home.

Another point to take into your considerations if you are not alone and someone is leaving with you, you have to put rules.

Such as; don’t disturb your calls and Treat you as you are not at home.

Tip 5: Communicate with your colleagues

Lock down make us isolated from the world, don’t go with the flow it ends miserably. Daily communication with your colleagues impacts on your performance indirectly. As Good communication guarantees that you will not feel confused about task or project you’re working on. Clear Vision is the best for completing your assigned tasks as it reduces the edits time. In addition to the feeling of that you are not alone.

Tip 6: Use Effective apps

Want to be organized and productive? All you have to do is selecting the right business tools.

Before the corona pandemic, many companies and organizations headed to use the online tools to ease their work and get more professional. Meet some of the top used apps:

  1. Slack: Used for team communication.
  1. Clockify: Used for tracking work time.
  1. Zoom: For face to face online meetings and conversations.

As Chinese Proverb said “The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher.”

Adapting to the change is a lifetime hack if you learn it you will be able to handle any situation in your life. You can’t control the things and make it do not happen but you can control your behavior towards them.

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