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What are the various types of marketing? 

What is the various type of marketing

Marketing plays a major role in all companies, and that’s why we will learn about the various types of marketing, let’s get started.

What are the various types of marketing

What are the 4 types of marketing?

The four main types of marketing are Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Content Marketing. Let’s learn about each one of them.

1-     Traditional Marketing.

What we mean by saying traditional marketing is to advertise your brand without using the internet, this was the only way of marketing in the past until now marketing methods appeared.

Traditional marketing uses flyers, billboards, television ads, and radio spots. Before the rise of the internet, reaching people and collecting information wasn’t easy at all, so marketing was relying only on regular methods like flyers, billboards, and television ads.


2-     Digital Marketing.

When technology evolved and the internet appeared a new method of marketing came out to light, using technology that wasn’t there in the past to reach more customers easily. This type of marketing includes all the different types of marketing that exist online.

Digital marketing includes email, social media, search engine optimization, blogs, and anything you can think of.

Just make sure to add visuals. Images and visuals in general catch the eyes of the readers, no one likes to read content with no images or videos. Even if the content is really attractive and full of important information, they will feel bored. So be sure to always add visuals.

3-     Search Engine Marketing.

SEM is short for search engine marketing and it is a term used to describe ads (advertising) that appear in search engine results. It involves pay-per-click (PPC) ads that can be used via Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (for Bing), or other search engines.

Search engine marketing works by purchasing keywords and advertising. Website owners determine a budget to bid on keywords that most likely searchers will use in their search. This method works perfectly if you neglect it or don’t care how much it costs. The result will show up in the ads part of the search engine results.

Do you know What is the main difference between SEM and SEO? What do we know about Google search results? Well, we know that there are two types of results and they are organic and paid search results.

SEO makes your website rank as one of the top ten pages in the organic search results. Some websites also use pay-per-click (PPC) to make the website appear in the paid area of the search engine results.

While SEM combines the two SEO and PPC to increase the traffic of a web page. So, you can think of it this way. SEM is the umbrella and SEO falls under it.

Additionally, search engine marketing results appear in the advertisement part of the search engine results, whilst the search engine optimization results don’t.

In search engine marketing, whenever someone clicks on the ad the website owner will pay in return. While in search engine optimization the website owner doesn’t pay anything. Also, the value of SEO last and increase over time while SEM doesn’t.

4-     Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the strategy you use to drive the audience and engage them with your website by making relevant and important content that the customers need through videos, articles, or any other media. Content marketing is about creating editing and maintaining content. With content marketing, you build brand awareness.

People will trust the information you provide and will keep visiting your site for more; they will feel that you value them and their needs. So, when they want to buy something, they will always choose you.

Now after you learned about the main types of marketing try to answer the following question, what is creative in marketing? Well, creative marketing means using the traditional aspects to come up with a way that attracts people. For example, you could create a campaign that includes talents, music, art, and so on. The most important thing is to make a campaign that aligns with your brand.

Writing great content that reaches the customer’s heart helps build trust and loyalty. The best content marketing is what is made to give the customer the answers they need and show them that you care and that they deserve more. The importance of content comes from the ability to write what the customer needs.

Customers appreciate good content which will drive more audiences to your website and let them know about the products you offer. 

Content marketing generates 3 times more leads the traditional marketing and increases the traffic load.

  • Your audience will spend more time on your website:

Good content gives a better user experience that will attract more customers to your website and ensure you that they will keep visiting it more in the future. Creating great content will make people aware of your brand and leave them a good impression.

  • Gives you better traction on social media:

To reach your customers and increase your followers you do that via social media, but the important part to do so is to make trendy content, so make content with high quality and see how your audience interacts with your posts.

  • Gain your audience’s trust:

Writing reliable content that your customers need helps you build a strong relationship with your audience. Always write contents that answer their needs and questions, interact with them whenever they need your help and you will gain their trust.

  • Generate more and better leads:

Good content can generate more leads. When potential customers see your content they will probably buy from you in the future.

According to Lindsay Kolowich, the team manager of the HubSpot Academy Acquisition Content Team, “content is a great way to guide users to a landing page. Typically, you create content to provide visitors with useful, free information. You can include CTAs anywhere in your content — inline, bottom-of-post, in the hero, or even on the side panel. The more delighted a visitor is with your content, the more likely they are to click your call-to-action and move onto your landing page.”


What are the main types of marketing?

We have learned about the four main types of marketing they are Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Content Marketing. Besides those types there are other methods of marketing, so, let’s know what are they.

1-     Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing is the use of intrusive promotions like cold calling. It is called outbound because it relies on raising the awareness of the product or service by pushing a message out to consumers, whether the customers have an interest or not in your product.

2-     Inbound Marketing.

This is the opposite of outbound marketing; it relies on attracting customers via the use of the different tactics of digital marketing. We normally search for the product we want to may and other people review it before we actually buy it.

To attract customers, you must give them meaningful content and tell them a story to make it more attractive to them. Then comes the second step which is engaging them whether by email marketing or chatbots.

The last step is to delight the customers by being an empathetic advisor and the expert they need.

3-     Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is all about reaching your new customers through social media channels. That’s why you should have a marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is an effective marketing tool, and it’s easy to use and reach new customers as more than 2.8 billion people are using social media platforms. It increases the level of engagement and brand awareness.

With the different channels and social media platforms, you can easily engage and communicate with customers and build brand awareness.

There are two things to keep in mind when you use social media marketing, and they are relevant to content and consistency. Use attractive images and captions to encourage people to like and comment on your posts or even share them. Don’t make all the posts only for promotion try to balance them with entertainment.

How to use social media? You could take a part in popular hashtags, Join the conversations regarding popular and new hashtags on social media. Find what’s trending and use it to let people know about your company. Use the weekly hashtags to find a creative idea to market your business.  

Another amazing and creative marketing Idea is to host a contest on your social media websites. Encourage your followers to share their favorite related photographs. However, you should make clear rules and instructions like tagging your page in their post, using a hashtag you provide them with, talk about the prizes that they receive when they win.

4-     Video Marketing.

Many people like to watch videos instead of reading, so using videos as part of your marketing strategy is important. More than 87% of marketers say that using videos in marketing has a better ROI.

5-     Email Marketing.

One of the marketing types is email marketing, this type has many advantages, and disadvantages if you use it in the wrong way.

Email disadvantages include:

1- Competition: people get many emails from many companies every day.

2- Brand Damage: if you send too many emails to the same person you will end up in the spam list.

Using it correctly will help you gain achieve brand awareness and generate more traffic to your product or service.

Email marketing connects brands to leads, prospects, and customers via email. Email campaigns can be used to increase brand awareness, generate traffic to other channels, promote products or services, or nurture leads toward a purchase.

6-     Conversational Marketing.

Another type of marketing is Conversational marketing by having a one-to-one conversation with your audience across different channels. Giving your audience flexibility in time and place. It includes live chat, phone calls, emails, Facebook messenger, and many other channels.

To start with this type of marketing you must first find out where the majority of your audience is, and what channel they use more.

7-     Buzz Marketing.

This type of marketing uses more than one type of marketing, for example, someone could use creative content and community influencers to gain brand awareness and generate word-of-mouth marketing.

8-      Influencer Marketing.

Influencers have audiences that trust them and many followers on social media platforms. To use this method, you must first prepare an influencer marketing strategy and find out which influencer is best for your strategy.


What is marketing and what’s its purpose?

Marketing is any action done y a company to attract more audience and get them to know more about its products or services. With the goal of gaining the customer’s loyalty, brand awareness, and increasing sales. Whether through attractive content, influencers or ads.

The purpose of marketing is to get people to know about your products or services through studying the market which is called market research and analysis and then understand what interest the customers and attract them. Marketing is the main stage of business life.


What can affect marketing?

Marketing can be affected by internal and external causes, and anything that can affect the marketing process is called the marketing environment. As a company, you can only control the internal factors, and with a smart marketing team, you can overcome the external factors.

Internal Factors: all the department of the business plays a role in marketing, for example, the finance department limits the budget to specific types of marketing. The production department may not be able to meet the demand which will disappoint the customers and make them turn to your competitive products. This means that you will lose the loyalty and trust of your customers.

Competitors: having Competitors providing the same product will highly affect your market. So, you should make plans to overcome their products and make the audience choose your products over theirs. Search for what makes you better than them, what you have and what they don’t, and focus on it.

Economic Factors: the state of your country will affect the market because it has a direct effect on the consumer money.


How does marketing affect a company?

We said that marketing plays a major role in all companies but what exactly does it do, let’s find out.

1-     Awareness:

What is the purpose of having products that no one knows about it? People only buy products that they heard about before. For example, if you want to buy a skin product what is the first thing you will do? Correct you will search about it and see the people’s reviews. Now imagine that you didn’t find any reviews about the product, will you take the risk and buy it? Of course not.

That’s why you should build brand awareness and that is done through marketing. What does brand awareness mean? It means letting people know about your company and its products, especially your targeted audience.

For example, if you sell women’s wear then your targeted audience will be women. There are many types of marketing that you could use to build brand awareness, for example, you could share your posts through social media channels, blog writing, run campaigns, and many other ways.

2-      Lead generation:

Lead generation is what B2B marketers care about more. Brand awareness and lead generation work together in B2B marketing.


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