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What is the backend and frontend system?

What is backend and frontend system

In the web world we hear a lot about the two terms backend and frontend, what are they and what is the difference between them, that’s what we will find out. What is the backend and frontend system?

What are frontend and backend with examples?

Before we talk about the difference between the let’s first understand what are they.

What is Frontend Development?

The Frontend developer (client side) is a person who has knowledge in technologies like HTML (hypertext Markup language) which is the main core to building a web page. In addition to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is used to give the web page a style, and then we have JavaScript.

What does the front-end developer do with all those tools? They design and build the web page structure to have a good user experience by adding elements like buttons, menus, links, images, and more.

 Frontend tools.

1-     HTML.

HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the main tool used to build a website structure including its functionality and design.

Without HTML you won’t have a web page, no other tool or language can replace it.

2-     CSS.

CSS is short for Cascading style sheets which gives the frontend developer the required flexibility to be creative and make the website more alive and attractive to the user.  

3-     JavaScript.

This one is used to make the website more dynamic instead of being a static web page. The developer can use it to respond to server-side events.

4-     Other tools.

There are other frameworks that keep popping up in the Front-end world like Angular, Ember, Backbone, and React.

These frameworks help the frontend developer to maintain the quality of the websites while keeping up with the high demand for enterprise software.

Frontend developers face many challenges and one of them is the rapid change in the tools they use to build a user-friendly website.

Their work gets harder as the technology keeps changing, and their goal is to build a website that is easy to use for the user. However, now that there are mobiles, and computers of different sizes it becomes more complicated for them.


What is the backend?

The backend developer is the one who deals with the servers and databases, therefor Backend is called server-side. The backend consists of servers that respond to requests and send data, the channel/application that transfer it, and the database that contains the information and data in an organized way

Let’s say a user is scrolling in an online shop which one do you think he/she is dealing with right now front or backend?  .. right, frontend. But when they click on the item they like, add it to the shopping cart, and authorize the purchase, where do you think all this information is saved? In the database which is on the server so now, we are talking about the backend.

Back-end Tools.

What does the back end do? He creates an application that deals with the information requested by the user, finds it, and sends it to the Front-End.

They use databases like Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, EnterpriseDB, and SAP Sybase ASE. In addition to the famous databases MySQL, NoSQL, and PostgreSQL.

Besides the databases, a backend uses languages and frameworks to build the code of the application like Ruby on Rails, Java, C++/C/C#, Python, and PHP.


Is it a full stack front end or back end?

A full stack is a developer who can work on both the front end and back end. Of course, no one can master the two of them but they have the knowledge they need to use them.


What is the difference between the back end and the front end?

So far, we have learned the meaning of each one of them and seen the tools that they use. In short, the front end is the one that builds what the user can see and interact with, while back-end developers build the infrastructure that is hidden in the background.

Here are the four main differences between them:

1-     They both work on different sides of a website.

Front-end deals and programs are what the user can see that is why it is called the client side. At the same time, the backend deals with the website side that is hidden in the background. Together they build a dynamic website that allows the user to interact with the website and find what they are looking for easily.

Think of Facebook, YouTube, and other websites, they are all dynamic websites that are built by front-end and back-end developers to operate correctly and help you find what you are looking for easily.   

2-     Both Front and back-end developers have different strengths.

Each one of them can work with tools, languages, and technologies that the other can’t use, but this doesn’t make one of them better than the other. They are both important to building a dynamic website that is easy for the user to deal with.

Let’s say the website is only built by a front end, what do you think will be missing here? Correct, you won’t have the means to help you connect with the server and find the information you’re looking for, or even be able to make a purchase.

Then, what will happen if a website is built by only a backend? You won’t even have a website, remember what we said about frontend developers? They are the ones that build the structure of a website using HTML without it you won’t have the website for starters.

Front-end vs back-end what’s the difference 

3-     Both of them work with different languages and frameworks.

We talked about the tools that each one uses, just like we humans communicate the computer has its means of communication which is called programming languages. And the languages the Front-end developer use is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to framework and tools like:   

  •       AngularJS
  •       React.js
  •       jQuery
  •       Sass

While backend developers use languages like PHP, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Node.js.

PHP is the language used to communicate with the server. JavaScript is a programing language. while python is a general coding language that can be used for many things not just for web development.

The frameworks that the Back-end use include:

  •       Express
  •       Django
  •       Rails
  •       Laravel
  •       Spring

Is the front end or back end more in demand?

Both the front end and back end are required but currently, the demand for a backend developer is higher. The demand for the backend is 18% while for the frontend is 15%. In any case, if you love your field and excel in it you will be hired immediately.

Which is easier front-end or backend?

The answer to this question depends on you, some may find the front end easier and some may find the backend is better, read about them both and their languages and then decide. Don’t bother yourself with this question and learn what you find yourself in more.

Which is more important back end or the front end?

As we said above a website is never complete with only one of them, both the back end and front end are essential for building a dynamic website.

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