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Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

A few years ago, the number of people advertising on social media was significantly lower compared to the number of people doing so today. The increase in brands advertising online is because social media has become a huge part of our lives. As such, it plays such a huge role in any brand’s marketing strategy and brands need to tap into that huge market that spends plenty of time online.

As a business owner, you could check on your social media accounts from time to time. However, chances are that you have an array of things to do to keep the business afloat. You might not have sufficient time to write tweets, post photos or even maintain engagement with your followers. No need to worry though. Some people can do the job for you. These are social media managers and hiring one is among the best investments you can make for your business.

What Is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a person who is responsible for planning a brand’s social media strategy, implementing it, managing and monitoring it. They do this to increase brand awareness, improve or supplement your marketing efforts, and of course, to increase your sales.

Why should you hire a social media manager?

There are plenty of reasons why a social media manager would be a great addition to your team. They include:

It saves you time

Running a campaign for your business on social media needs a lot of activity online. You need ample time to schedule your posts, respond to any inquiries that result from them through messages, interact with your audience through the comment section and most importantly you need to track the metrics. 

Keep in mind that this is not for just one platform of social networks, as social media involves platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several others. You need to know which idea creates engaging posts on each platform.

As a business owner, hiring a full-time social media manager saves you the time you would have used to do all these yourself. You will also be able to focus your attention on other areas of your business.

Social media managers operate with a strategy

It’s easy to find yourself posting sporadically on your online platforms or posting anything just as long as you have done it. However, maintaining a strong social media presence needs a strategy. Hiring a social media manager ensures you get the kind of strategy needed by a professional company. They will ensure the posts are both relevant and meaningful to your target audience. They will keep them in line with what your company seeks to achieve from this kind of marketing. A social media manager will also be able to grow your platforms through this strategy.

Social media managers keep you up to date

Social media is ever-changing and at times, keeping up with these trends is difficult especially when you’re handling other aspects of the business. That’s why you need to hire a social media manager. 

Part of their job is to keep up with these evolutions. They’re trained to ensure you have a cutting-edge social media strategy. They can go back to the campaign’s drawing board in case the algorithm of a given platform changes. 

They will then rebuild the marketing campaign in a way that will make all your posts perform well in line with the algorithm. As they make these changes, they will also ensure you remain relevant to your audience.

These social media managers will also often come up with fresh, creative, and innovative ideas to keep your social media platforms more interesting and interactive. Through their experience, they will be able to give your pages an edge over the competition.

They’ll maintain your good reputation

In the world we live in today, most of your target audience or potential clients expect you to be present online. People follow their favorite brands to keep up with new arrivals or anything concerning the brand. 

Before they make a purchase, they will often search for your name online, and should they fail to find your profile or page, they lose trust.

Your reputation is on the line so it’s not enough for you to be merely present. You need to be active there and that’s why you need a social media manager. They will ensure your reputation stays positive. 

They will quickly respond to inquiries and most of all, will handle complaints from clients quickly should they arise. Customer service is a huge part of your online presence. Your customers expect you to solve their problems using instant customer support on your social media pages.

They monitor campaign performance

You will in most cases have to spend money on social media campaigns to get more reach, engagement, or even followers and messages. While it’s great to get such responses, it is important to check whether these responses are at par with the amount you spent on the campaigns. 

Social media managers are well-trained to track the returns of investment. This will ensure you are not wasting money or time on ineffective campaigns. They will ensure your campaigns are worth every investment using good data analysis skills.

A social media manager creates brand awareness

Part of a social media manager’s job description is to create brand awareness. Working with one will ensure there is consistent content online about your brand. With this consistency comes trust and more people will be able to identify your brand on different platforms. With the help of a social media manager, you will be able to get loyal fans. They will always look forward to your next posts.

Social media managers help you get new customers

While it is important to retain your former customers and keep them coming back, it is important to get new ones ever so often. While you can get them through other marketing activities, one of the most effective ways of winning new customers is through advertising on social media. A social media manager will always post your business offers online and will ensure your products or services reach new customers. They will connect with these potential new customers and will help them understand what you’re offering more, leading to a sale. The Social Media Management will do this according to your business structure or type.

They could help you in the recruitment process

As has already been mentioned, people prefer to get information from social media platforms. As a business owner, you could take advantage of this to get the right employees for your business. 

A social media manager will help you put up ads for available jobs and target them in such a way that only the right group of people sees them. This is particularly helpful if you have a specific age group in mind and would like to hire people with certain interests. 

Remember, having the right employees will help you grow your business.

While hiring a social media manager means you have one more person to pay at the end of every month or as per your agreement with them, it is worth having one. The returns you will get from having active social media platforms are worth the investment. 

It simply means you will be allowing a specialist to manage social presence, handle community management, make a good impression, and handle all matters concerning your online presence in a more strategic way. Are you looking for a compatible social media manager to handle all this? Find them in S&M Solutions!

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