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Design is an indispensable part of modern marketing. We specialize in making professional, creative website and mobile designs.

With the right designs, you create an authentic identity for your business. On the upside, you get to boost the sales of your products and services. 

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Logo Design.
Web Banners.
2D Animations.


Logo Design

A customized logo is inevitable for your business. You can trust S&M to design a unique and meaningful logo for your brand.


Custom Illustrations

Another design tactic that will set your brand apart from others. Custom illustrations are easily recognizable logos, think of the silhouette of a bitten apple popularly associated with the Apple company.


Print Designs

A conventional print work will surely get the job done. Our design team provides you with any print design of your choice.


Web Banners & Ads

Banners and Ads remain an effective marketing tactic. They are cheap and liable to reach your target audience. One important thing is that your banner reaches the right audience. The use of colors, texts, and models sholuld also stand out. Web Ads must also be brief and compellin. All of these should be done by competent agents.



If you wish to communicate your information to your customers through attractive visual aids, infographics are a good choice. The combination of images, charts, and minimal text will make your information clear and easy to understand. We design infographics that could be beneficial to your growth strategy and educate your customers about your business.


2D Animations

Spice up your website or blog with 2D animations. Everywhere on social media, brands are using 2D animated vides to attract their audience. It is engaging and more entertaining than plain designs. It is easier to digest and watch than reading words. We could help you effectively execute this marketing strategy.

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