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Web Design

Your website is the doorway to your online business. As one of the most important aspects of your marketing endeavors, it should be unique and designed suitably.

S&M Solutions offer all sorts of website-related services. We assist you in determining how much capital, time and effort should be exerted on your website.

Your website might be lagging due to many inadequacies you missed, allow us to update these adequacies and make it more convenient for your users. 

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Web Design Company


WordPress web design company

WordPress is one of the popular platforms to secure a great website for your business. With dozens of designs and frames available, it is extremely flexible and can be used to create any kind of website possible. The WordPress software itself is free but might have to pay for hosting. The cost depends on the template you want. Therefore, it is important to know the type of website to create as this will affect your cost. We are a WordPress website design agency, contact us.


Custom WordPress Themes

Although there are tons of WordPress themes to choose from, finding one that fits the personality or functionality you need in a website might prove difficult. You might resort to making a template yourself. This may seem complex especially for a beginner. To avoid this, entrust us to make beautiful personalized themes on WordPress custom domain for you.


Website Hosting & Domains

Sometimes, you could encounter issues with your website hosting or domain name, you need to know the proper quarters to contact. You should contact your host or domain name registrar if you have a problem with any of these. Sometimes this might not be the issue, then, you need the services of a professional to fix the problem.


Starter Website

You might worry about starting a website from the scratch. This is why starter websites exist since it is not easy for everyone to design a complete website. On a starter’s website, all the basic website element you need are in place. All you need to do is manage and grow the website until it fully develops. A starter website saves you time and money. You can establish your web presence and build a solid framework with ease. We have professional web designers.


E-commerce Solutions

S&M Solutions help you sell online, easily. We have the resources and expertise to support your online business ventures. Setting up your shopping carts, tracking sales and payment, managing orders, ensuring that customers can safely purchase from your website are all part of the package.


Website Repair & Maintenance

Don’t dismiss the importance of website repair and routine maintenance. Getting the services of an expert when your website has an issue is more productive and saves you the stress of worrying. Whether it’s a database, hosting, DNS, or coding issue, you need to unravel the problem before deciding on the solutions. If your website is broken, we can help you fix it and get your website up and running in no time. Also, we check your website regularly for any issues, carry out necessary updates to prevent malicious attacks. Keeping a website properly maintained is necessary to retain customers.

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